Get Your Home Ready for a Showing in Under an Hour

Your children are your priority—there is no arguing that. There are times, however, when other concerns have to temporarily take precedence in your life. All parents make that sacrifice. Whether it is in the name of work, education, civic duty, or finances—sometimes we have to focus our attention elsewhere for a moment. One of these times—and arguably one of the most stressful times—is when we’re trying to sell a home.


So how can you be a loving, supportive parent while managing a packed schedule and a home showing? Would you believe you could do it in 15 minutes or less? This article will help you create a quick and dirty game plan for preparing your home for sale that still gives you the time `and energy to focus on your family.


Staging a home in under an hour


What does home staging mean? In essence, it is a way for you to help prospective buyers see the potential in your home. The right kind of staging creates a blank slate that allows home buyers to picture themselves in your home. You can quickly stage your home by putting the majority of your personal items like photos and any bold decor, such as abstract art, into a storage container. Next, let in natural light. It’s an easy and powerfully effective way to brighten a room, even if it is cloudy outside. And you’d be surprised how effective this simple step can be, but take five minutes to make sure closet doors are closed, toilet lids are down, and cabinet drawers are shut. Finally, be sure to empty your trash and scoop the litter box every day. You may not notice odors or smells in your own home, but someone new to your home definitely will.


Maintaining a clutter-free home in 15 minutes a day


Busy families can sometimes mean busy homes, such as sporting equipment dumped by the backyard, laundry piled on the bed, and other messes that will likely deter a potential buyer. It’s hard to keep it all organized, but that must become a priority when your house is on the market. First, get the whole family involved by starting a chore chart. These weekly assignments can help maintain clean floors, sparkling bathrooms, and dust-free windows. Another good way to stay on top of clutter is to ask everyone to pitch in 15 to 30 minutes of their time to help pick up clutter and store it properly at the beginning and end of the day. If that’s not going to work, then it might be time to hire a professional.


One excellent tool to have in your clean home arsenal: a professional housekeeper. If keeping your home tip-top is going to be difficult to execute for the length of your listing, a housekeeper can be the perfect backup. Whether it’s light tidying in the kitchen or bathrooms, quick yard cleanups or even making beds and freshening up linens, a housekeeper can give you a leg up on keeping your home clean. Couple that with daily upkeep from everyone in the family and you’ll be less stressed and can rest easy knowing your home is ready all the time. 


Dealing with last-minute showings


No matter how organized or planned out your life is, last-minute showings are going to happen. While it may not always be convenient, getting buyers into your home is the only way it is going to sell. When possible, try to get an hour buffer for your showing so you can make sure to get your pets out of the home, pick up any clutter, and make any unkempt beds. If you can’t leave work or school to take care of these spur-of-the-moment showings, arrange to have someone else handle it for you. Talk to a neighbor who is free during the day or a retired family member. If those options aren’t available, ask your realtor if they can recommend a person or company who can provide this service.


Living in your home while it’s on the market is stressful for anyone, but especially for parents. If you want the next person who walks into your home to give you an offer, then you’ll want to prioritize a well-staged, clean, and clutter-free home.


List with a Professional

When you’re ready to list your house for sale, make sure you hire a professional who knows your market, knows your needs, and understands how to get the most out of any offers. Lucky for you, Stonepoint Properties offers the best San Antonio real estate and San Antonio property management services. Contact our team today to get a free consultation and see how we can help you get more for your home sale.

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